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  Metal Water Bottle

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This lightweight, stainless steel water bottle holds 16 ounces of liquid, topped by a secure lid with convenient open-handled design. The vibrant green base features the ASA logo, and an insulated strip for a comfortable grip. Makes a great gift!

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  ASA Style Guide, Seventh Edition


The seventh edition of the ASA Style Guide features guidelines for the most common situations encountered by authors and editors in the ASA journal publication process. It is designed to serve as the authoritative reference for writing, submitting, editing, and copyediting manuscripts for journals and other materials using or requiring ASA style.

While the structure of this edition is consistent with past editions, some changes have been made to the content. All links and reference sources have been updated or veried for accuracy. This edition also updates ASA policy on the use of the singular "they" as a generic pronoun, and includes new preferred terminology and capitalization for race/ethnicity.

Coil binding. 163 pages, June 2022.



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  2023 Guide to Graduate Departments of Sociology

NOTE: The updated 2024 Guide to Graduate Departments of Sociology will be available for order by March 1, 2024. Returns for the 2023 Guide will not be accepted after this date.

A best seller for many years, this invaluable reference has been published by the ASA since 1965 and provides comprehensive information for academic administrators, advisers, faculty, students, and a host of others seeking information on social science departments in the U.S., Canada, and abroad.

The 2023 edition includes listings for graduate departments of sociology. In addition to name and rank, faculty are identified by highest degree held, institution and date of degree, and areas of specialty interest. Special programs, tuition costs, types of financial aid, and student enrollment statistics are given for each department, along with a listing of recent PhDs with dissertation titles. Indexes of faculty, specialty programs, and PhDs awarded are provided. 

Departments were asked to provide the racial and ethnic composition of faculty and graduate students. This information is included in each listing.

332 pages; March 2023.

Due to recent changes in postal regulations outside the U.S., we are unable to ship printed copies of the Guide to Graduate Departments of Sociology outside of the U.S. An e-book is available for purchase here.



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